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Cuban Culture

Yemaya - Cuban Culture Cuban culture is a colorful, interesting, an often bizarre mix. This mix of different, contrasting factors and influences can be seen at many levels of Cuban culture. In Cuba, the intermingling of races is one the most obvious examples.

Within this page you will find several introductions and links to topics about the different aspects of the Cuban Culture.

Cuban Life

Cubans are clean in both their personal appearance as well as what you'll see in their homes. They may not have a lot of personal possessions but what they do have is immaculately cared for ...

La Vida Cubana
Articles and travelers stories

Cuban Cuisine

Cuba is the Caribbean's largest, most diverse and most beautiful island. So beautiful in fact, that Christopher Columbus thought that he had discovered the Garden of Eden ...

Cuban Cuisine


Just try it yourself in Cuba, no better in Havana. Join our salsa course in Havana for five afternoons ...

Salsa Course

Cuban Religion

In addition to the worship of one God, named Olodumare, the Yoruba worship dozens of deities known as "Orishas" who are personified aspects of nature and spirit ...

Cuban Relgion

Cuba Photo Galleries

Our own pictures and photo galleries from photo graphers we recommend

Cuba Photo Gallery





Black Cuba

Race relations in Cuba were/is a strange mix. The Spanish brutally crushed slave revolts and executed noted free blacks for helping insurrections ...

Black Cuba

Cuban Cigars

When mentioning Pinar del Rio you are talking about the best Cuban tabacco and visiting one of its plantations is like to go to the most important university ...

Cuban Cigars from A to Z

Cuban Education

About, students, classes, education, schools and levvels. The Cubans school system explained

Cuban Education

Cuban Music

Cuba has been influential in the development of multiple musical styles in the 19th and 20th centuries ...

Cuban Music


Books books books ... and books about Cuba in all shapes and topics ...

Books about Cuba




Cuban History

Cuba, the largest of the Caribbean islands, was first inhabited by Amerindian peoples known as the Taíno and Ciboney. On 24 October 1492, Christopher Columbus ...

Cuban History

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